The name Ca’ Momi honors their roots. Their property in Veneto, Italy once belonged to Momi dea Bionda, a hardworking farmer who became a local legend for his obsessive devotion to his family, farm, and vineyards. They share Momi’s values of authenticity, passion, loyalty, dedication, and obsession with quality. They chose to pay homage to his legacy in the name of their Napa Valley winery. They proudly share our Italian heritage and strive each day to honor these values within themselves, in how they do business and how they make wine.


A white house with grey shuttered windows and a terra cotta tile roof sits atop a large green lawn dotted with trees. In the background, there are silhouettes of two large hills woven amongst the sprawling city at their base. The picture is taken at sunset, and the sky is an orange-pink gradient of color.
Ca’ Momi [Kah-Moh-Mee] translation: “House of Momi” in Italian


Their wines are the fruit of their dreams and honor their Italian heritage, where wine belongs to every day’s celebration of life. There’s no right or wrong bottle of wine when they share meals around the table with the people they love. Any glass of their wine demonstrates that intentionality, but it needs to show on the packaging as well. Every Ca’ Momi bottle should announce itself as a piece of their long tradition. From their Cabernet and Sauvignon to their sparkling Brut, every Ca’ Momi wine merits top-shelf presentation.


Seven different Ca' Momi bottles sit side by side against a white background, spanning a range of white and red wine varietals.


As Ca’ Momi’s packaging partner, O-IPS proudly makes that happen. We work closely with the Ca’ Momi team to ensure they have the bottles they need when they need them. It’s a weekly or even daily collaboration, and the results are clear on shelves and dinner tables across the country.

With heartcrafted wine in expertly-crafted bottles, the Ca’ Momi legacy is secure!


Close up shot of a woman's hands holding a bottle of Ca' Momi Chardonnay. In the foreground, blurry grape vines creep in at the edges to frame the bottle. A bottle of Ca' Momi Cabernet Sauvignon sits on a white table next to a glass of the red wine, as well as a clear vase filled with yellow tulips.