Great whiskey always comes with a story. It elevates the brand and enriches the tasting experience. When the founders of TX Whiskey set out to create packaging for their handiwork, they wanted bottles brimming with their story. At O-IPS, we partner with them to create just that.


An open TX Whiskey bottle sits on a bar top. Beside it sits its leather cap, along with a rocks glass filled with ice and whiskey.


Caps handcrafted from reclaimed cowboy boot leather. Boot stitches embossed at the base, and the founders’ names on the shoulder. With all that and the letters TX stamped big and bold, front and center, these custom bottles announce themselves proudly on the shelf. They reward close inspection and promise a distinctly Texan whiskey-drinking experience.


Close up shot of a man's hand holding a bottle of TX Whiskey with a distinctive canvas neckwrap. He sits atop a bale of hay, and in the frame you can also see his denim jeans, red and black plaid shirt, and a cowboy hat set down on the hay.


And that was just the beginning. When they produced a blended whiskey, we decked that bottle with even more detail. The details include woven canvas neckwraps paying tribute to the canvas chuckwagons of Texan history, as well as, a silver band evoking Texan spurs and belt buckles. In other words, these bottles are tough to miss.

“When you walk into a bar or scan the shelves, you can pick our bottles out pretty quick,” says Ken Graham, vice president of operations at TX. “The shape, the impact of the large TX, the canvas, the cap—they all work together to make our brand distinctive.”


Close up shot of a man holding a bottle of TX Whiskey with a distinctive leather neckwrap, as well as a lather bolero tie with the TX Whiskey logo wrapped around the neck of the bottle. The man wears a green and brown plaid shirt.


The success of TX Whiskey speaks for itself. As they continue to grow, we’re delighted to be their longstanding packaging partner.