Inspired Products Should Have Inspiring Packaging

Shelves are crowded. Shoppers are busy. And your products deserve to look as amazing as they are. That’s why we do what we do.

O-I Packaging Solutions’ objective is to provide world-class service and glass packaging solutions to small and emerging customers across North America.



Grounded In History.
Driven By Innovation.

It all started with Michael Owens (the O in O-I) who invented the first automated bottle-making machine. More than a century later, O-I continues to lead the way in innovative glassmaking, delivering incredible quality and quantity to partners around the world.

O-I Packaging Solutions (O-IPS) is a specialty team born from O-I, dedicated to helping smaller and emerging brands put their inspired products into inspiring packaging. With a unique factory-direct model and streamlined process benefitting from O-I’s robust infrastructure, we excel at providing turnkey solutions as well full customization, according to each partner’s specific and evolving goals.

Glass Is Best (and We’re Best in Glass)

By any measure, it’s clear to see. Whether you’re looking for beauty, versatility, purity, sustainability, differentiation, or all of the above and more, it’s glass all the way. If we sound a little fanatical, that’s because we are. We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and shipping inspiring glass packaging for brands of all sizes for decades—because we love it. In other words, it’s the best.

17+ billion

Bottles made, recycled and designed to date


Combined years of experience in the industry

How We Partner

We’re not a one-bottle-fits-all kind of shop. And we don’t have crazy order minimums that lock out emerging brands. When we work together, we become your partner. Your collaborator. Your packaging expert in residence. We fall in love with your products and then package them in striking glass that helps customers do the same.


Become Your Fans

We get to know you, your products, your needs, and your goals. Then we hone in on what would be best for you. Spoiler: it’s glass packaging of some kind.



We combine all that inspiration with our deep understanding of glass, and design and design again until you love the result so much you can’t wait to see it on shelves.


Get it on Shelves

We handle everything from manufacturing to shipping, getting you to market fast and looking your best. Then we wait impatiently until we get to collaborate with you again.

Unpacking Our Impact

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We can currently take orders as small as a single pallet for stock options in inventory. We offer this small-batch option because it gives smaller and emerging brands access to packaging that does their amazing products justice.

The short answer? It depends. 

The slightly longer answer? The time that passes from placing an order to seeing your beautiful new packaging on the shelves varies, depending on what you need, where you need it, how much of it you need, and so on. We are faster than most, and will work with you to get you to market as quickly as possible. 

For the full-length answer, get in touch with us and let’s talk specifics!

If custom bottles don’t fit your timing or budget, you can browse our ready to ship stock bottles or contact us.

Ready-to-ship stock bottles have common designs and are quickly available from our factories.

Custom bottles are uniquely designed by you to fit an unique brand image and value proposition. OIPS designers and engineers work closely with you to develop the perfect bottle for your target consumers and filling production equipment.

We offer a range of shipping options. For example, you can pick up your shipments, or we can arrange to have them shipped for you. The cost varies based on location, the size of the order, and so on. But we’ll work with you to make arrangements that best suit your budget and logistical concerns.

It all starts with a conversation. We’d love to hear about your products and begin exploring how we can get them into beautiful glass for you. 

Main office:

5204 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 500, Plano, TX 75024

Our warehouses:

  • Fairfield, CA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Kernersville, NC
  • Clackmas, OR
  • Irving, TX
  • Laredo, TX
  • Darian, WI

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