When you’re crafting the most awarded American single malt whisky on the market, you want bottles that project that level of excellence. Virginia Distillery Co. hired designers to come up with beautiful concepts—all they needed was to make those concepts a reality.

“Everything looks great on a PDF,” says Jerry Heddy, COO at Virginia Distillery Co. “The thing about bottles is you do have to consider the physics. That’s where we fortunately were able to bring in O-IPS.”


Bottom of a Virginal Distillery Co. bottle with Glencairn glass in the foreground and the VA Distillery magnetic medallion leaning against the bottle.


Securing that kind of custom mold is a complex process that involves not only input from our client but also from the many teams within O-IPS, covering design, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and more. It’s an endeavor that both requires and fosters a strong relationship between us and our client.

Together, we created an elegant custom mold accommodating a number of distinctive elements, including a heavy bottom and an iconic magnetic medallion. The result was a line of bottles unlike any other on shelves.

“A custom product is a real investment,” says Jerry, “but it worked out for us in the long term. We did not expect a pandemic to test it, but having a custom mold is helpful because you’re able to have more control, a more connected supply chain. Through the pandemic, we fared pretty well, and O-IPS was a big part of that.”


Empty Virginia Distillery bottles lined up and ready for filling on the line, with the iconic magnetic medallion visible.


“Battles are won with tactics, but wars are won with logistics.” As Virginia Distillery Co. has continued to grow (and win more awards), we’ve continued to work closely with Jerry and his team, making sure their bottling line can keep running smoothly.

“Knowing we have a partner that can turn the dial up when we need to is vital,” says Jerry. “We certainly saw that when we doubled our sales and were able to keep glass in stock. With O-IPS, I know they’re bringing high-quality materials to a high-quality manufacturing facility and a team that really knows this work. And I know they’re making sure those high-quality products get to us on time. All that makes life a lot easier.”


Bottle of Virginia Single Malt Whisky laying on it's side on top of a whisky barrel and the Virginia mountains blurred in the background.