The name says it all. Fiesta Winery is serious about helping people have fun. They’ve crafted a wide range of delicious and accessible wines, and we’ve partnered with them to make sure they stand out from the crowd. 

Whether it’s their Home Sweet Home red, Happy Trails sweet white, or Back Porch Sittin sweet red, the packaging is an invitation to a good time.


A bottle of Fiesta Winery 2018 Texas High Plains Red Wine sits atop a grey rock in the foreground, with a grassy field stretching behind it in the background. The field ends in a line of silhouetted rocks and trees, and the sky behind them is the bright yellow, orange, and purple of sunset.


“It takes you to a place in your mind,” says Weston McCoury, winemaker at Fiesta Winery. And sales suggests it’s a place customers very much want to go. 

But when the owners opened another winery dedicated to producing a more elevated product, they needed more elevated packaging to suit. As their longstanding partners, we were happy to help craft the packaging for Arch Ray Winery.


A bottle of Arch Ray 2019 Tannat wine sits on a wooden table next to a glass of red wine branded with the Arch Ray logo. On the table in front of the bottle and glass, you can see the top of a piece of paper with the name "Arch Ray Winery" printed.


“With Arch Ray, we’ve added a whole lot of detail to the packaging,” says Weston. “We see people pick those bottles up, spin them, read the labels. It makes a real impression.”

Now with two growing wineries, each catering to distinct audiences, Weston and his colleagues have more complex packaging needs than ever. As their longstanding partner, we work closely with them to make sure their bottles are ready on the shelf whenever their customers are ready for a fiesta. 


Three bottles of Arch Ray wine lay flat on their backs atop a tile floor. The tile is off-white with a pattern of geometric grey stars creating a lattice effect. Mixed amongst the bottles, there are four different wine glasses, each filled with a different wine.